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>> Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I happened to read two posts on the the topic of oil by two different authors within an hour. One is a sheep who doesn't seem to know much about anything related to oil production, supply and demand. The other is a shepherd trying to point others out of the oil mess. Which is which?

Rick Moore of saying "Democrats Don't Want Lower Gas Prices":
It's not really a secret anymore:... This is a made-for-the-GOP campaign issue and somehow they've got to figure out how to capitalize on it. It should be in the talking points every single day.

Jim Kunstler of Clusterfuck Nation on his June 30th post "Not Your Grandma's Depression":
Complicating matters is a global oil predicament that is really not hard to understand, but which the organs of news and opinion have obdurately failed to explicate for an anxious public. Call it Peak Oil. There are only a few elements of it you need to know. 1.) that demand has now permanently outstripped supply; 2.) that new discoveries are too meager to offset consumption; 3.) That under under the circumstances, the systems we rely on for daily life are crumbling. I've called this situation The Long Emergency.

Our chances of mitigating this, and of continuing our current way-of-life is about zero. I've tried to promote the idea that rather than waste remaining resources in the futile attempt to sustain the unsustainable (i.e. come up with "solutions" to keep suburbia running), that we should begin immediately making other arrangements for daily life -- mainly by downscaling and re-scaling everything from farming to commerce to the way we inhabit the landscape -- but my suggestions have proven unpopular even among the "environmental" elites, who are too busy being entranced by new-and-groovy ways to keep all the cars running.
Hmm, who's the sheep?


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