>> Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I've been in a funk the past few days ever since I hurled my guts out last Thursday evening. Not entirely sure why. I suppose that I didn't get to sink my teeth into my last four-day weekend is probably why. All those plans on getting things done were wasted by spending time in bed. Even at work I am a walking zombie now that my days truly are numbered. Well, sitting and internet surfing zombie is more like it. I have regular work to finish, which seems pointless given that I'm leaving the company and so are LOTS of other people. So hard to concentrate. My other coworkers who are leaving have also mentioned the same thing. Glad it's not just me, but how do you wake the dead?

So, I decided to go see Wanted. I was more intrigued by what I heard about the action scenes. Definitely worth the price but I would rather have seen a matinées since it's cheaper. $8.75. It's a lot to pay for a movie. And popcorn, $5.75. I usually don't buy, but it was dinner tonight. The Grand has much better popcorn though.

I relate to the zombie-ness of Wesley at the beginning. Sorry. But I don't relate to having those problems with my coworkers. I actually like my coworkers. I will miss them. My boss isn't as bad as "Janice" except when she made me write an essay. And yelled at me for an hour in a conference room. And told one of my coworkers she couldn't find a better deal working elsewhere.

But at least in the near future I can skip the corporate drone-hood for however temporary. There's nothing like belonging to an organization where top dog is driving everything into the ground and everyone else has to suffer instead.

Tomorrow is not becoming The Daily Zombie.



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