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>> Saturday, August 2, 2008

Comment from last week's company newsletter:

The opinion that Jay left last week is also the opinion of most Weyerhaeuser employees. It is unbelievable that Weyerhaeuser, with a so-called board of directors, can let one person destroy a company that has performed so well and been profitable for so many years. Is it not a shame that such can happen? I guess all that matters to most CEOs and top advisers is to line their own pockets and let the workers who have made them so much money fall by the wayside. Once a person is wealthy, does his memory leave him of how he/she was before being so blessed? Like this country, Weyerhaeuser too has lost the morals, values and beliefs that made it strong. I challenge the men and women who lead this company to stop and think about what really matters.
— Marty; Elkin, N.C.

And this sentiment is shared by at least three people on my van.


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