The Dark Knight

>> Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finally got to see this. At the Cinerama of course. One of my friends told me today that the IMAX showings at the Seattle Center are sold out for the ENTIRE month of August!

It's a totally worthwhile movie. Particularly since they fixed the one flaw in Batman Begins--Katie Holmes. Maggie Gyllenhaal was a much, MUCH better Rachel Dawes particularly since she didn't have the same wan expression on her face every time the camera cut to her like Katie Holmes. Or, more succinctly, Maggie Gyllenhaal can act.

I wasn't entirely surprised by the storyline, particularly when it came to Dawes & Dent, since I've read The Killing Joke. Really, what other purpose would Rachel Dawes have to fulfill when Gilda Dent isn't around? I was, however, surprised by the death of Jim Gordon. I was quite shocked by it.

But one thing I absolutely adored was some of the Batman action sequences, which fully proved that one of Batman's best strengths is his sense of strategy. (I LOVED that Hong Kong bit!) Perfect sense of timing by Batsy. Granted, he made one mistake when it came to the Joker (taking him at his word), but he didn't repeat it.

When the movie finished, I did feel like I had a lot to digest. I didn't quite catch the last lines, so I may see it again. If, for any reason, that I can see a movie at the Cinerama one last time.


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