Driving People to Suicide

>> Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have to hand it to Lainey. She's been on to The Rossum from day one. While it's become obvious over the past couple years that she's a carpet whore extraordinaire, what hasn't always been so obvious was the demon behavior. Sure, there was that reference in NY Magazine where she was called "an 80-year-old stage diva stuck in a 20-year-old girl's body" or the time she ripped up someone else's magazine.

But Rossum's self-absorption was proved to me when I came across the Emmy Sucks group on LiveJournal. ("Some of us have met her. Some of us were in the Met with her. Some of us have been harassed by her. Some of us have heard horror stories from friends who were unfortunate enough to attend Spence with her.") I don't even remember how I came across their group this past May. But the significance is Rossum once bullied some girl enough for her to attempt suicide.

We all do not-so-nice things at one time or another, particularly when we're young. But this chick hasn't improved. She's clearly the same self-absorbed bitch she was back in high school. That's the only explanation for her pose in that picture on the left. You'd almost hope it was drugs, but no, she's just like that.

I've hesitated putting her on the Island of Lost Personalities, but every island needs a crown princess...


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