Noticed Again!

>> Friday, August 1, 2008

Gloat! Gloat!

My Lainey Blinds blog was noticed by the LaineyLurv group in Facebook today. This is after the E! Online message board noticed it first.

All this proves is that having no life and sitting at a computer for hours and hours can yield a momentary moment of glee.


bananya 18 August, 2008 12:58  

Hi there,

What is going on with the invite only on the laineyblinds blog??? You are killing us. I don't know what blog I read more now, hers or yours and I was wondering if I can have an invite to read your blog.

House of Brat 18 August, 2008 15:17  

Sorry, I was trying to fix something on the new template in IE unsuccessfully. Didn't think anyone would notice since it's been slow on the blind action. I had it closed off on Saturday night when I was working on it and no one seemed to notice then, but I guess that's because everyone was watching Michael Phelps.

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