I Like Ike

>> Saturday, September 13, 2008

Not really but it's what always comes to mind when I hear the name Ike. I don't think about Ike Turner. I think about Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower. The POTUS who railed against the "military-industrial complex" when leaving office.

So, part of me finds it ironic that Hurricane Ike is making landfall in Texas, where George W. Bush was governor before he went to the White House. It's not nice to say it's karma for a major hurricane to hit somewhere, but I can't help that it comes to mind. That the ghost of Eisenhower is coming to give a swift kick to the land of George W. Bush for what he did these past 8 years. I mean, really, what ARE the odds of a "monster" hurricane named "Ike" hitting the Republican stronghold of Texas in an election year? Seriously?

On a different note, Hurricane Gustav came at the beginning of this second period of Kal Sarpa Yoga, from August 28 to Sept 12, while Hurricane Ike is coming at the end. Kal Sarpa Yoga bringing events that are karmic in function due to decisions & events made in the past.

Yeah, I think the ghost of Eisenhower is pissed at the Republican party for letting things going to shit.


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