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>> Saturday, November 15, 2008

Every now and then, I take a look at the Moms 4 Sarah Palin blog just to see what ignorance is being spouted in that forum. There are four contributors to the blog: Tami, Jennifer, Mary and John. John likes to believe he's a martial artist and has a blog dedicated to it. But most interesting are his wacko posts on the Sarah Palin blog insinuating that Barack Obama is a fascist because Obama wants to expand national volunteer service programs!

Here is his post in full with his Hitler picture:

A few posts ago I spoke about Obama's call to service and sacrifice. I described it as ominous, disconcerting, an authoritarian edict. We are now beginning to see, as it's manifestation is inevitable, that the image of the celestial Obama is mere illusion. The real Obama, the one that sat in a pew for 20 years of Reverend Wright's Marxist Black Liberation Theology ranting, is the genuine article. At Obama's official web site, www.change.gov, Obama lists his idea of service. As you can see from the screen shot above, Obama plans to REQUIRE 50 hours of community service from high school students and 100 hours from college students.

Other authoritarian figures have formed youth organizations with compulsory community service requirements. It seems, in this regard, Obama and Adolph Hitler may sharesomething in common. Do I think Obama is an analogue of Adolph Hitler? No, don't be silly. But Obama is authoritarian, just as the world's worst dictators were and are. Compulsory youth service seems to be a hallmark of authoritarian regimes. So, Adolph the authoritarian formed his Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend. And, Obama, the authoritarian plans to form his own community youth corps. Obama's administration will be one of radicalism, on a scale never before witnessed by this nation. Who is this aristocrat who possesses the colossal audacity to compel this nation's youth to serve in his Obama-Jugend? Maybe Obama's youth corps will wear brown shirts too? Oh, by-the-way, if you care to look at Obama's change.gov site for the above screen shot, don't bother. The scuttling Obamabots at the Ministry of Truth have scrubbed the site and replaced what was true with tidy paragraphs of Newspeak. One final note, what will become of compassion, of self-directed acts of charity in this new environment of centralized planning and direction? Welcome to your Obamanation.
The ignorance in this post is amazing. I don't recall hearing accusations of Hitler and fascism when Bill Clinton created AmeriCorps. Before even taking office, Barack Obama is being accused of being an authoritarian dictator. Most of the comments on his post are attempting to bring John back to reality including a man who lost his family in the Holocaust. Of course John could have gone to barackobama.com for more complete details on the program, but why bother with facts when you can create a nonsensical rant.

My comment either has not been published or will not be published. The administrator of the site has not published most of the comments I've made because they're not to her liking. So here are my thoughts on John's post:
Posts like this are why the Republican party is on the way to becoming a regional party and not a national party. Keep it up John! The Republican Convention this year was the whitest I've seen in recent memory. What a great way to encourage minority voters to vote for your candidates.

Keep spouting your ridiculous fascist notions. Less people will join the Republican party. Less people will vote for them in political offices all across the US. (Obama won highly educated voters in all categories.) The Republican Party isn't offering anything for the future of the US. Even advisers to the McCain campaign have admitted that the Republican Party offered no new ideas for the future of the country. The only thing that gets die-hard Republicans excited is god, abortion, gays and guns. Nothing for those suffering from increasing inflation, trying to obtain a living wage or raise healthy kids.

So keep it up John! The Democratic Party needs your outlandish posts to continue! It's only by ridiculously associating Obama with Hitler that you will drive away future votes for the Republican Party. In fact, you need a more public venue to keep posting these endless blatherings. Because only by airing this drivel in front of a national audience will the bell finally toll for the Republican Party.

Really, you should start iReporting some of this crap. Maybe CNN will even pick it up. Particularly your photo association of a black man and Hitler. Don Lemon and Bernard Shaw will love it!
Some people think the Republican Party will have a future and a non-white candidate with Bobby Jindal in the future. I concur with Matt Yglesias in that the current economic landscape doesn't bode well for governors and their prospective presidential bids. However, I don't think the GOP would be able to have a non-white candidate as their presidential nominee. The party is a bunch of white people. I used to say "rich, white people," but as John's post illustrates it's now a bunch of ignorant, white people primarily in the South. (John says he's from Florida, so he fits perfectly.) It was the South that voted more Republican this election than the rest of the country.

But back to John and the GOP. He IS the future of the Republican Party. The fanatics are already rallying around Sarah Palin (Operation Leper, anyone?) These nutcases don't realize that it is possible for a conservative party to be come a minority party because they don't pay attention to international politics. The fundie nutcases will not give up on their ridiculous pet projects. They are the doom of the Republican Party.
How likely is it that the Republican Party will come to its senses? There are glimmers of hope. Business conservatives worry that the party has lost the business vote. Moderates complain that the Republicans are becoming the party of “white-trash pride”. Anonymous McCain aides complain that Mrs Palin was a campaign-destroying “whack job”. One of the most encouraging signs is the support for giving the chairmanship of the Republican Party to John Sununu, a sensible and clever man who has the added advantage of coming from the north-east (he lost his New Hampshire Senate seat on November 4th).

But the odds in favour of an imminent renaissance look long. Many conservatives continue to think they lost because they were not conservative or populist enough—Mr McCain, after all, was an amnesty-loving green who refused to make an issue out of Mr Obama’s associations with Jeremiah Wright. Richard Weaver, one of the founders of modern conservatism, once wrote a book entitled “Ideas have Consequences”; unfortunately, too many Republicans are still refusing to acknowledge that idiocy has consequences, too.
Thanks John! The Republican Party needs more of you. Please be more vocal and more public! Keep it up!


susanmig 15 November, 2008 14:59  

Great, well thought out, intelligent response to John's racist, vile white supremacist-laced rhetoric.....he'll never post it, of course! I, however agree with everything you say.


Cheryle 15 November, 2008 21:58  

Oh, if only I thought your post would actually have an audience! John is way too full of himself to think he's wrong in any way, and the most conservative Republicans think the problem with the party is that the REST of them are too "moderate."

"There is none so blind as he who will not see."

Great post. Thanks!

Jennifer 16 November, 2008 05:34  

I have been shunned as well... guess she doesn't like other bloggers "up in her bidness"
Their Royal Highnesses are pure, donchya know....

Anyway, great post. I totally agree. I blogged about the very same subject. They're really nasty on that blog...

I honestly try not to visit anymore, it's just so sickening how they tried comparing Obama to Hitler...

WRG,  16 November, 2008 08:46  

Hey Brat,

Great post. I skipped over John's article, since I too am a recovering Moms4SarahPalin reader (and the one who lost family in the Holocaust).

I agree that whackjobs like John will keep the Republicans away from office, except in the deepest, darkest white-trash areas of the country. What scares me is that it only takes one nutcase with a gun or some explosives to wreak some serious havoc. I hope ALL the members of the incoming administration have absolutely the best protection ever. I also hope that the vetting process for secret-service staff has been seriously beefed up. All we need are gun-loving nuts like John guarding the new president (Anyone remember who killed Indira Gandhi? Answer: her bodyguard). But I don't like to dwell too much on such scenarios.

You are now one of the "go-to" sites for those of us who are beyond disgusted with John and his ilk. Thanks and keep up the good work!

House of Brat 17 November, 2008 21:17  

For the most part, I only visit the Moms 4 Sarah Palin blog occasionally. I find their posts oddly fascinating because they're completely different from my own, and I find their admiration of Sarah Palin quite boggling, particularly after reading several Alaskan blogs.

I do think it's a shame that they don't appear to want to learn anything from other people's perspectives on their posts. (There's not a lot of blogs where you can get tons of comments from other people just by posting your random thoughts on a subject.) There's plenty of people willing to give feedback on a number topics they've posted on, and they don't seem to want to take any of it into account. Shame. Seems to me they just want a place to rant and that is their prerogative, but they come off as juvenile when they just dismiss comments by calling someone "liberal" or other things that I can't specifically remember.

I don't actually post regularly or write about Sarah Palin. I would recommend the Mudflats blog if you're looking for good writing on Sarah Palin. The gal who writes that blog is an Alaskan and has written a lot on Sarah Palin this past election.

Take care.

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