>> Saturday, December 13, 2008

Went to go see a movie for my birthday last weekend. There weren't many options because some of the movies I want to see aren't playing in town, yet, if at all (Milk). So, went to see Australia. All two and a half plus hours of it. It was long. Really, LONG. By the end, it felt like forever since the highlight of the movie for me, which was the cattle drive.

I didn't really care for the second half of the movie. Perhaps it means more to Australians/Ozzies, but I have no idea. It just sort of keeps wandering until Darwin is bombed and Kidman and Jackman's characters are reunited with the kid, Nullah (Brandon Walters). And I adored that kid. So full of life. Eyes that shine. The true star of the movie for me; although, King George comes a close second. I did like Hugh Jackman as Drover, but it's a shame they cast Nicole Kidman.

At the beginning, when Kidman's character has an element of camp, she does pretty well with it. But later on when her character is supposed to grow and become more three's pretty hard to be that when your face won't move. In one of her scenes in the first half hour, her forehead actually moved and wrinkled. That must have been the special effects portion because later when Kidman is running towards Jackman at the end her face isn't moving so well. Jackman's face looks like he's really running; Kidman's, well, no it's just there. It looks the same as if she was sitting down and having tea. And it's something that I couldn't help but notice off and on through out the movie. Her damn forehead and the puffed up lips, which aren't always as noticeable as the forehead but an annoyance just the same.


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