Is Sarah Palin next?

>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

As Chris Bodenner at the Daily Dish pointed out today, Illinois Governor Blagojevich is spending his birthday dealing with his recently announced corruption problem and Ted Stevens lost his Senate seat on his birthday.

Sarah Palin's birthday is February 11.

From a Jyotish standpoint, there is a solar eclipse less than 2 degrees away (in the first pada of Shravana in Capricorn) from Palin's natal moon (her lagna lord) on January 26. Something may happen to Palin around this eclipse since the eclipse position is close to her natal Moon.

On February 9, a lunar eclipse occurs two days before Palin's birthday. The eclipsed Moon appears to be transiting Palin's ascendant, which is the 27th degree of Cancer (3rd pada of Ashlesha). According to NASA, those in Alaska should have a great view of this eclipse.


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