Palinisms: The Lies of Sarah Palin

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm going to start posting "The (Odd) Lies of Sarah Palin" from Andrew Sullivan because I just can't remember all the stupid things she's said. Also Andrew doesn't use labels or tags on his blog, The Daily Dish, so they're not always easy to find. I would do this as a "Twelve Days of Christmas" sort of thing, but she has SO many. A LOT more than 12!


susanmig 13 December, 2008 23:04  

I definitely think you are going to need more than twelve days! Might have to think about heading into Spring with this one!

Great idea, by the way! I'm enjoying your blog too.

House of Brat 14 December, 2008 00:20  

Thanks! Last I checked, Andrew Sullivan had cataloged at least twenty; although, they're not easily found on his blog with out searching specifically for them. Who knows how many she'll rack up while she's in office!

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