Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy

>> Thursday, December 11, 2008

In the past few weeks, I've had my hopes on Al Gore becoming Secretary of Energy because I know we need someone at the head of the Energy department who won't be at the oil industry's beck and call and also understands global warming and the destruction of the environment.

It was a huge relief to read yesterday about Steven Chu.

For eight years the United States has boasted an Energy Department that for all intents and purposes was a subsidiary of the U.S. oil industry. Now, should he be confirmed, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who specializes in climate change and renewable energy and already knows how to run a decent-size bureaucracy is going to be in charge of realizing Obama's bold promises to lead the United States toward an energy-sustainable future. Symbolically speaking, one would be hard put to draw a sharper contrast between the Bush and Obama eras than what is achieved by this single appointment.
Sounds like good news to me! Here's a quote from Mr. Chu regarding energy and global warming:
So, I would say among America's most serious concerns, you could consider national security, which is now intimately tied to energy security and access to energy, the long term economic competitiveness of the United States, and the dangers of global warming. And I believe that this energy issues is at the center of all of these concerns, and thus I think it's the single most important problem (societal problem) that science has to solve. If you compare it to other things we invest heavily in - for example,investments in medicine, cures of heart disease, stroke, cancer - if we don't solve those problems, it would be tragic. But life would go on as we know it. If we don't solve this problem, life could really change.


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