It's called "magazine" format

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kevin Drum of Mother Jones complained a few weeks ago about certain blog features he sees around the web.

"Teaser" blogs that put only the first paragraph or two on the main page and force you to click "continue" if you want to read the whole thing. This is both annoying and pointless. It only takes a second or two to scroll past a blog post you don't want to read, after all. (Yes, I'm talking about you, Felix Salmon.)
The blog format is in "magazine" style not "teaser" and the purpose *is* to reduce large amounts of scrolling.

Oh, and his comment complaint?
Blogs without comment sections. Or, blogs with comment sections that require you to go through some kind of painful registration process just to leave a one-sentence note.
Not all blogs are interested in comment upon comment. Once you have to deal with a troll taking up your time, you'd understand Kevin.


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