>> Friday, January 23, 2009

I caught this on Monday when I was in SLC. None of the theaters where I live will show it because it's about a gay man. Or perhaps it's because there's multiple scenes of gay men kissing in the movie. In fact, when I was waiting in line, one of the people behind me asked someone in their group, "What's Milk about?" "Oh, you don't want to see that." Really? I wasn't alone in the theater when I saw it. I'd say the theater was about half full, which is pretty good for the first matinee showing of a movie that's been playing for more than a month.

I actually had not heard about Harvey Milk before they started making this movie. So, I wondered if they would open the film by mentioning his assassination or wait until the end. It's right there in the beginning with news footage of Dianne Feinstein speaking to the camera. I had no idea Feinstein was from San Francisco or that she became mayor after George Moscone was assassinated with Harvey. Seeing that footage of her just kicked it in for me what a loss the death of Harvey Milk was. Who knows what political heights he would have reached? First openly gay US Representative? Senator?

I thought the loss of Harvey was most apparent during the portion of the movie where he fought against Prop 6, which called for firing gay teachers and any public school employee that fought gay rights. It reminded me of the recent Prop 8 in California. I can't imagine Prop 8 passing in a world with Harvey alive and campaigning. He'd be 78 currently if he were still here.


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