The Prestige

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Netflix dvd I had sitting around for months before I watched it. Although, I'm glad I did watch it. I'm glad I saw it a long time after The Illusionist. I'm considering reading the book since it seems so well thought out. I thought the take on Nikola Tesla was very interesting. Tesla is such a fascinating character. My dad told me that Tesla could manipulate plasma balls with his hands. He knew a scientist who tried to replicate many of Tesla's experiments.

I consider Scarlett Johansson the biggest flaw in this movie. Her face is practically the same in every shot. I know that complaint has been lobbed by other people, but this is the first time I've completely agreed with it. I haven't watched many ScarJo films...

*spoiler warning* My biggest quibble is the ending, where Christian Bale's character—well, one of them anyway—confronts Hugh Jackman's. It's supposed to be Albert/Freddie/Alfred's moment of moral superiority over Angier when he tells Angier he's done bad things. Like "Alfred" didn't? When you can't be honest with your wife, which drives her to suicide, and you KNEW she was having serious emotional problems, then you're partially responsible (if not completely in this particular instance) for driving her death. Which means you don't have the moral high ground in telling your competitor what he did wrong. I suppose it's just the twin in me finding bullshit in the two people/one life aspect of the story. Makes me want to read the book because Angier lives, sort of, I hear.


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