Fuck You Bobby Jindal

>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

What an idiot! Governor of a state which suffered one of the nation's worst national disasters let this statement remain in his rebuttal on behalf of the GOP Tuesday night:

"$140 million for something called volcano monitoring. Instead of monitoring volcanoes, what Congress should be monitoring is the eruption of spending in Washington, D.C."
Fuck you dumb ass! And your dumb ass Republican party too! I have friends that live near one of the deadliest volcanoes in the world, Mt. Rainier. If Mt. Rainier goes, the devastation will be worse than what Katrina unleashed on your state.
Some 5,600 years ago, the body of water we call Puget Sound had an arm that extended 30 miles inland from present-day Elliott Bay in Seattle to a point halfway between Auburn and Sumner. Today, of course, that is the Green River Valley—the narrow, flat suburban land of Kent and Renton and the industrial lowlands of South Seattle. It would be reasonable to think that this change happened gradually, but scientists have determined that most of the long-gone stretch of inland sea was transformed by a single event that created 200 square miles of land in a matter of hours, with waves of mud 20 feet to 600 feet high. Imagine a wall the consistency of wet concrete traveling up to 60 mph. This mudflow destroyed everything in its path, uprooting entire old-growth forests. It hit Puget Sound with such force and with so much material that it flowed underwater for 15 miles, maybe farther. An area of hundreds of square miles was covered with mud and debris up to 350 feet deep.

The source of that enormous mudflow, which geologists call a lahar, was Mount Rainier, about 60 miles south- southeast of Seattle. And it could happen again—maybe even tomorrow. The U.S. Geological Survey estimates there is at least a 1-in-7 chance during an average human lifespan that another catastrophic lahar could pour off the mountain. Little if any eruption would be needed to trigger it. There would be little warning near the mountain, and farther away, the most fortunate residents might have up to an hour to flee.

Mount Rainier is potentially one of the most lethal volcanoes in the world. The United Nations has designated it as one of 14 mountains that could cause catastrophic devastation. The U.S. Geological Survey calls Rainier this country's most dangerous volcano. The explosive potential of a 14,411-foot mountain with a history of 40 ash-producing eruptions since the Ice Age should not be underestimated. But scientists agree that far more menacing, and potentially far more deadly, is the scenario of a lahar burying a large part of suburban Seattle. Under some scenarios, the city itself is vulnerable. Officials have made plans to evacuate areas near the mountain, if there's enough warning, but some emergency planners—and housing development regulations, for that matter—regard Mount Rainier as a threat far away.


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