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>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ugh. Utah liquor laws. Some of the dumbest things ever created. Rachel Maddow gave an excellent summation of some of them Tuesday evening after news of the "private club" regulation will end.

Of course, what she didn't mention is that bars, no longer private clubs, will now scan ids of those who look under 35.
The compromise measure would do away with private clubs, replacing them with a scanner to verify the validity of the identification presented by someone under age 35. Data would be stored on-site for a week and there would be no centralized law enforcement database. "What we're doing is modernizing with this law. It makes sense and it's intuitive to scan IDs," said Rep. Greg Hughes, R-Draper, the House sponsor of the legislation. He noted that Utah would be the first state to mandate the scanning of identifications.
So basically, when I go to a bar in Utah I'll have my id scanned because I ordered a drink. Why? What purpose does this serve? Absolutely none! And why the age of 35? Oh, but wait, the Utah chapter of MADD thinks everyone who orders a drink in the state should have their id scanned.
Art Brown, president of the Utah chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, said he believes the change will lead to more drunks on the road."We are moving from private clubs to open bars, and they're a major source of DUIs around the country," he said. He would rather have all patrons scanned, so law enforcement can access the records if there is an drunken driving incident, both for prosecution and so the bar can be held responsible if they serve intoxicated patrons.
Smacks of Big Brother to me.


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