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>> Saturday, March 7, 2009

Was taken to see this today. It was never on my list of movies to see except for some I know who wanted to see how Minnesota was represented in the film. 'Cause you know how Minnesotan winters are so dreadful, it's important that they're portrayed accurately, right? Anyhow, it is the typical romantic comedy. Woman strolls into the picture. Doesn't like Mr. Right right away. He doesn't like her either. They work through their differences and all the dramatic troubles and eventually end up happily ever after. *Yawn* Romance by numbers.

The few highlights, for me anyway, were a few choice lines such as "Have you found Jesus?" "I didn't know he was missing." I had a greeting card with that sentiment on it—missionaries asking the "Jesus" question with Jesus hiding behind a bunch of curtains.

In this age of economic decline, I somewhat despise the notion that a plant closing is simple to solve. Yes, it's a movie. However, after having gone through the layoff process, it's slightly belittling to see it done in a fashion where there's an easy solution. I know plenty of people for whom lay-offs and plant closures were not done in the cavalier fashion illustrated in the board room.

And the food product industry is not one I'm particularly fond of. Especially after reading The End of Food.


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