Rich People Can't Shovel

>> Monday, March 9, 2009

After the big snow on Feb 9th, I took a walk in one of the posher, or possibly poshest, neighborhoods in town. It was a nice sunny day out, and I regretted not taking my camera because it was so beautiful with the new snow. However, I was irritated that so many of these homes had not shoveled their sidewalks. I took the time to shovel all my walks every time it snowed. Sometimes even shoveling parts of my neighbors' sidewalks. Yet here I was trudging through snow in front of a half million dollar house. Ugh. It made me wish I had a dog so I could have it shit on their lawn, after all the snow melts of course. I came back the next day for pictures. Much more of the sidewalks had improved but not all of them.


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