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>> Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well, the female version. I just can't think much of Dirk Benedict's Starbuck, even though it is the original, after I read his comments about Katee Sackhoff's version after the miniseries premiered back in '03.

The best minds in the world of un-imagination doubled their intake of Double Soy Lattes as they gathered in their smoke-free offices to curse the day this chauvinistic Viper Pilot was allowed to be. But never under estimate the power of the un-imaginative mind when it encounters an obstacle (character) it subconsciously loathes. "Re-inspiration" struck. Starbuck would go the way of most men in today's society. Starbuck would become "Stardoe". What the Suits of yesteryear had been incapable of doing to Starbuck 25 years ago was accomplished quicker than you can say orchiectomy. Much quicker. As in, "Frak! Gonads Gone!" And the word went out to all the Suits in all the smoke-free offices throughout the land of Un-imagination, "Starbuck is dead. Long live Stardoe!"

I'm not sure if a cigar in the mouth of Stardoe resonates in the same way it did in the mouth of Starbuck. Perhaps. Perhaps it "resonates" more. Perhaps that's the point. I'm not sure. What I am sure of is this…

Women are from Venus. Men are from Mars. Hamlet does not scan as Hamletta. Nor does Han Solo as Han Sally. Faceman is not the same as Facewoman. Nor does a Stardoe a Starbuck make. Men hand out cigars. Women `hand out' babies. And thus the world, for thousands of years, has gone round.
What a misogynist ass! Dirk would probably be happier if all women stayed home backing cookies these days. God forbid you not do something slated for your "gender."

Give me the Katee Sackoff version any day after reading Mr. Benedict's asinine remarks.

Starbuck saves Apollo (miniseries):

Katee Sackoff on getting the role of Starbuck:


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