Those leeches on society, aka the health insurance industry

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

That was the little-noticed message from the made-for-TV spectacle administration officials called a health care “game changer”: In saying they can voluntarily slash $200 billion a year off the country’s medical bills over the next decade and still preserve their profits, health care companies implicitly acknowledged they were plotting to fleece consumers, and have been fleecing them for years. With that acknowledgment came the tacit admission that the industry’s business is based not on respectable returns, but on grotesque profiteering and waste—the kind that can give up $2 trillion and still guarantee huge margins.
~David Sirota

All the more depressing when you realize that a former CEO of UnitedHealth had $1.6 billion in exercisable stock options upon leaving in 1996. Yeah, $1.6 BILLION!


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