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>> Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh My Fucking Gods! These people freak me out. That's it. I'm going to have to buy the book (The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power). I just have to know more about what these fuckers are up to. Because I don't think even this Harper's article is going to quench my thirst for information on this group. Because even Hillary Clinton is involved in it.
When Clinton first came to Washington in 1993, one of her first steps was to join a Bible study group. For the next eight years, she regularly met with a Christian "cell" whose members included Susan Baker, wife of Bush consigliere James Baker; Joanne Kemp, wife of conservative icon Jack Kemp; Eileen Bakke, wife of Dennis Bakke, a leader in the anti-union Christian management movement; and Grace Nelson, the wife of Senator Bill Nelson, a conservative Florida Democrat.

Clinton's prayer group was part of the Fellowship (or "the Family"), a network of sex-segregated cells of political, business, and military leaders dedicated to "spiritual war" on behalf of Christ, many of them recruited at the Fellowship's only public event, the annual National Prayer Breakfast. (Aside from the breakfast, the group has "made a fetish of being invisible," former Republican Senator William Armstrong has said.) The Fellowship believes that the elite win power by the will of God, who uses them for his purposes. Its mission is to help the powerful understand their role in God's plan.
And if I have any spare change come 2010 or whenever these fuckers are up for re-election, I'm donating to either their primary opponents or general election opponents. More people should be aware of this group.


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