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>> Sunday, July 12, 2009

Andrew Sullivan in the Times Online:

My own bet is that there is another scandal out there that would have forced her resignation if she hadn’t pre-empted it.
Why else does someone resign by saying they're not "quitting?" Why else did Todd Palin have to fly back home at the peak of the Bristol Bay salmon run for Sarah's "resignation" speech? If it was planned, then couldn't it have waited until after Todd had finished fishing? Or couldn't it have been done before?

Alaskan blogger Gryphen of The Immoral Minority noted:
I agree with Andrew up to a point. I am not too sure that Palin manage[d] to pre-empt the coming scandal. I went so far as to check up on one of the scandals that I believe is about to burst forth and found it had slowed some but was definitely not off the tracks. I have no way of verifying the status of the other possible scandals but I do believe at least one other one is still on the way.
Yeah, there's a scandal waiting to hit. It's only a matter of time now.

And how many. One? Two? Possibly three? I doubt they'll all hit at once though. The first one will hit. Then it'll be awhile before the second. Just like this past week, where Palin articles have been appearing everywhere due to the news of her upcoming resignation. This week should be much more quiet on the Palin public relations front, new ethics complaints aside. Until that proverbial other shoe drops.

And I have no doubt it's coming.


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