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>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson's death reminded me that I once had a Def Leppard video in my YouTube favorites. Gee, guess it was removed a long time ago. I hadn't ever bothered to re-add it either. (I hate it when record companies force homemade videos off YouTube because of a song. I had two excellent videos in my favorites that were forced off for that very reason. Fuckers.)

Anyway, so I spent some time on YouTube in a Def Leppard video-watching fest. I re-added "Pour Some Sugar on Me" back into my favorites. (Can't embed it though. Don't know what universalmusicgroup's issue is with that.) And what I really noticed from watching these vids was how skinny/normal everyone looked. Not just the band but all the people who pop into the background depending upon the video. The women/models in the "Love Bites" video looked fairly average, not overly skinny chicks like the models of today. And in the "Pour Some Sugar on Me" video, the lead singer, Joe Elliott, is wearing shorty shorts! Well, they were normal shorts then, but there's no way guys today would ever a) consider wearing shorts that short or b) be able to wear shorts that short because they're too fat. (Soccer players don't even wear shorts that short anymore. Beckham's shorts almost go down to his knees just as the shorts of NBA players do. Only John Stockton bucked the baggy shorts trend.)

But really, this is a look at how fat the U.S. of A. has become:

Of course, the South, as usual, takes the lead in embracing gluttony. I visited Mississippi and Louisiana three years ago. Dude, the people were huge down there compared to Tacoma. The ice cream store we stopped at one night (in Mississippi) gave the hugest ice cream scoops for a single. What I would call a triple or quadruple scoop was their "single scoop." Yeah, no wonder a third of them are fucking fat.

But back to Def Leppard, because I actually took the time to look them up on Wikipedia. Yeah, such a strenuous action on my part. I learned that Def Leppard, my fave 80s band, is actually in a select group when it comes to US album sales:

Def Leppard is one of only five rock bands with two original studio albums selling over 10 million copies each in the US. The others are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Van Halen.
Wow. Take that Bon Jovi!

I was feeling inspired after this to buy the Hysteria album from the iTunes store. I had already bought my favorite songs off Pyromania plus "Bringing on the Heartbreak" a few years ago. Except it's not available at iTunes. In fact, even the songs I got of iTunes aren't there anymore. Fuckin' record companies! Now I'm gonna have to go down to the store and buy the cd, assuming they actually have it.

So here's the "Armageddon It" video until it's pulled off courtesy of an anal record company. (Don't forget to look for the white shorty shorts worn by a man! Gasp!):

And did you know that Taylor Swift has performed with Def Leppard? I didn't until I caught it on YouTube. I don't pay attention music at all these days, but I now have real respect for Taylor due to this.

Taylor & Def Leppard on CMT Crossroads performing "Photograph":

After watching it, I really noticed how smoking probably affected Joe Elliott's voice. The man could really wail back in the 80s. His voice is really raspy now. Just another reason not to smoke kids!


Janel B 18 July, 2009 12:23  

Oh, I have Hysteria. You should have asked me. Let me know if you didn't get it already.

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