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>> Sunday, July 5, 2009

This is a post I've been meaning to write for a very, very long time, and when I say "long time," I mean more than six months. I've been planning on writing this ever since I saw Sarah Palin's Janma Kundali last fall during the election. (That would be her horoscope in Vedic/Hindu Astrology.)

Since Sarah Palin is resigning from the Alaska governorship, I thought it would be best if I post this now given that we're about to hear some more shocking things about Palin in the very near future.

Here's Sarah Palin's Janma Kundali:

And her dasha sequences:

(Yes, I do use the 4:40pm time. It explains a LOT in Palin's life.)

Notes on her chart

  1. Palin's ascendant is 26 degrees 13 minutes in Cancer, Ashlesha nakshatra (fixed star). Cancer is ruled by the Moon, thereby making it the lord of her 1st house. Palin has a new moon. Although the Moon is placed in a kendra, it is in a sense eclipsed by the Sun making her perception weak. Placed in the 7th house means she is oriented to partnerships.
  2. Sun, lord of the 2nd house, is in the 7th house. It could be inferred that Palin earns wealth via partnerships. The Sun also has a capacity to deny things depending upon where it is placed. This combination of both Moon and Sun in the 7th house is probably why she has a tendency of dropping/turning on people after she has no need for their abilities or no emotional ties to them. (The Sun is also a maraka, death giving planet, for her chart.)
  3. Mercury, lord of both the 3rd (siblings, desires) and 12th (loss, expenditures, prison/captivity, moksha) houses , is in the 7th closely conjunct the Moon (within two degrees). The lord of the 1st conjunct with the lord of the 3rd indicates Palin is close with her siblings. However, the lord of the 1st house (self/body) is closely conjunct with the lord of the 12th house, a dusthana (destructive) house.
  4. Venus, lord of the 4th house (happiness, comforts, home, mother) is in its exalted sign, Pisces, and in the powerful 9th house. Venus is also lord of the 11th house (gains & profits).
  5. Jupiter, lord of the 6th (enemies) and lord of the 9th (fortune, fame, luck, wisdom, higher knowledge), is in its own sign, Pisces, with an exalted Venus. Affection from the father can also be seen from this house (9th). Palin is still very close to her father as this house indictates.
  6. Saturn, lord of the 7th (partnership/marriage) and 8th (death, longevity, sexual strength/allure) houses is placed in its own sign Aquarius. Saturn is the most negative planet for a Cancer lagna (ascendant) such as Palin since it is a maraka and rules the destructive 8th house. Placed in the 8th it most likely gives a long life, and in its own sign lessens some of its destructiveness.
  7. Mars is lord of the 5th (past-life credit, children, the mind, romance) and 10th (career, government, activities benefiting society) houses. Mars is raja yogakaraka for Cancer lagna, the best planet since it creates a royal union. It is placed in the 8th house and is powerless as it is in the 1st degree of Aquarius (only 7' into the sign). It is conjunct with Saturn, an enemy. Saturn and Mars are both aggressive planets. This conjunction gives Palin her aggressive nature. The Saturn (lord of 7th/marriage) and Mars (lord of 5th/romance) conjunction indicates that Palin's marriage is most likely a happy one.
  8. Rahu, the north node of the moon, is placed in the 12th house, Gemini, in its own nakshatra, Ardra.
    "The Hindu myth connected with Ardra involves the demon Taraka. He practiced severe austerities to receive the gift from Brahma of "undefeatable power." After receiving this power, he began to oppress the gods." (Dennis Harness)
    Hence, power and intelligence can lead to destructive acts. There are many interpretations that exist for Rahu in the 12th house. Since Rahu is in the 2nd house in the navamsha (9th divisional chart used for fine tuning), it points to financial transactions such as dashing away gains or being caught in unscrupulous transactions.
  9. Ketu, the south node of the moon, is placed in the 6th house in the sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge, wisdom and ethics like the ninth house.
Palin's ascendant nakshatra (fixed star) is Ashlesha, which is ruled by Mercury. Ashleshans have a tendency to lie when it suits their needs (Mercury represents duality). Palin's Mercury is in Capricorn (7th house) along with the Moon and Sun. Mercury's tight conjunction with the Moon gives an intellectual nature. However, the Moon in Capricorn can indicate someone who is coldhearted, unscrupulous, self-serving, lacking in mercy and willing to do whatever is necessary to succeed. Richard Nixon had his Moon in Capricorn. The negative side to Mercury in Capricorn is restricted thinking so that the person is obsessive, loses sight of the big picture, petty, speaking ill of others and possibly seeking revenge. The "Baracuda" or "Saracuda" in other words. Palin's habit of lying can also be seen by her 2nd house lord (speech) placed in the destructive 8th house in the navamsha. (Andrew Sullivan has documented 32 "absurd lies" by Palin since she was nominated for VP.)

Even though the Mercury/Moon conjunction in Palin's chart seems to indicate an intellectual nature, the lack of depth of Palin's intellect is seen by the powerlessness of the 5th house (mind) lord Mars in the first degree of Aquarius. People with better 5th houses than Palin include Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Angelina Jolie.

Palin does have a phenomenal 9th house. This most likely has given her a lot of luck through the years and also means that she will always be remembered (fame) as she was the first female Republican Vice Presidential candidate. However, Palin has had many difficulties with many 9th house affairs. She attended 5 colleges and was an unremarkable student. She has been accused of numerous ethical violations while as a mayor and a governor. This is seen by Ketu's placement in Sagittarius indicating sudden reversals in luck, trouble with higher education, questionable ethics and legal difficulties. In fact Rahu and Ketu, which form the "karmic axis," are particularly strong in her chart due to Kal Sarpa Yoga (Kaal Sarpa Yoga).

Kal Sarpa Yoga
Kal Sarpa Yoga occurs when all 7 planets are on one side of the zodiac between Rahu and Ketu and not conjunct with either Rahu or Ketu. The story behind Kal Sarpa Yoga is that the person, who has this yoga, killed a pregnant snake in their past life. This is a story that you can take either literally or figuratively. When you think of it figuratively, think of a coiled snake and that this coiled, pregnant snake represents a lot of energy that was destroyed by this person in their past life. This means that the person is caught up in karmic forces so great in their current life that they are forced to look at issues they have avoided in the past before they can move forward.

This can cause a number of things to happen in someone's life such as having to "pay" the karmic debt before they can succeed in other endeavors, like Nelson Mandela. Or it can divide the person's life into two distinct parts. Or they can rise to great heights and suddenly fall to obscurity.

There are also many kinds of Kal Sarpa Yoga. Palin specifically has Sheshnag Kal Sarpa Yoga, which makes her susceptible to her enemies.

Dashas are the timing system used to predict the karmas present within a chart. Sarah Palin ran the karma of her powerful 9th house (luck & fame) during her Jupiter/Venus dasha, which ran from 11 Apr 2006 to 11 Dec 2008. During this time, she beat Frank Murkowski in the Alaska Republican primary race for governor, won her race for governor and became the first female Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

On 11 Dec 2008, Palin entered into her Jupiter/Sun dasha. The Sun rules the 2nd house (finances). The Sun is in the 11th house from Jupiter, which would infer some gains for Palin during this time. Palin seems to be dealing with her finances in this period considering she has signed a book deal rumored to be worth millions and now has a "legal fund" to use at her discretion.

In the future, Palin has two dashas in a row that indicate 12th house karmas, such as possible confinement or prison. Her Jupiter/Mars dasha runs 11 Feb 2011 to 11 Jan 2012. Mars is 12th from Jupiter. And Jupiter/Rahu which runs 11 Jan 2012 to 11 June 2014. Rahu is located in her 12th house from her lagna (ascendant).

I don't see any favorable dashas in her Saturn period until perhaps her Saturn/Venus dasha in her late 50s. There will be no presidential run. No presidency. No higher office that I can see in her future. Life will most likely be more difficult for Palin in her Saturn mahadasha (beginning in 2014) than it has been in her current Jupiter mahadasha.

Palin currently has Ketu transiting her 1st house (Cancer) since May of 2008. Ketu finishes transiting Cancer in early October 2009. Ketu transiting her first house brings many changes as can be seen by Palin's whirlwind year last year: Troopergate, more ethics complaints, a Vice Presidential run, increased scrutiny, a new fan club and sudden resignation of her job. Ketu can still bring even more changes between now and early October.

As I noted earlier this year when I asked, "Is Sarah Palin Next?" I noted that the annular solar eclipse took place within 3 degrees of Palin's natal Moon on January 26. That eclipse was a Rahu/Sun eclipse, which binds the Atma (soul) through material attachment or delusion. Two weeks later, Palin's ascendant was eclipsed in an annular lunar eclipse, a Ketu/Moon eclipse, which releases the mind through either spiritual liberation or loss. The effects of both of these eclipses last until the next solar and lunar eclipses.

The next lunar eclipse takes place this Tuesday, July 7 at about 21 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini. Although normally in examining eclipses on planets in a natal chart you would only look at the ascendant, Moon and Sun. It is interesting that Palin's natal Mercury was also eclipsed on the January 26 annular solar eclipse. Mercury rules Palin's 12th house (loss) where Rahu is placed (17 degrees 15'). Palin's natal Rahu will be eclipsed this Tuesday during the Lunar eclipse. I see this connection as key as there are indications, as I noted above, that Palin has been involved in unscrupulous transactions. These transactions may be coming to their reckoning this month looking at her eclipse pattern. There are rumors of some sort of criminal probe and possible indictment of Palin in the near future. While the FBI may not be investigating her, it does not mean that the US Attorney's Office in Alaska and the IRS are not investigating her. Based on her chart, I believe these rumors are true, and we will see some sort of indictment between now and the end of July, possibly even this week.

Palin does not escape the solar eclipse pattern later this month either. There is a total solar eclipse on July 22 at about 5 degrees Capricorn, another Rahu/Sun eclipse. This again affects her Moon, which is her lagna (1st house) lord. Thus, Palin's problems are not going away anytime soon as the effects of the July 22 eclipse will last until the next solar eclipse in 2009.

With Ketu continuing its transit through Cancer until early October, these are very tumultuous times for Sarah Palin. Her resignation last Friday shows only the beginning, not the end, of what plagues her. When I look at her chart, I see a mendacious, unscrupulous person who is about to go through a life changing event because her luck literally ran out last December.

As they say, "Karma is a bitch!"


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