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>> Saturday, July 11, 2009

After looking at the 2009 eclipse pattern last week, I suddenly remembered that Angelina Jolie's ascendant was in Cancer. Her ascendant is specifically 5° 21' Cancer. The total solar eclipse (Sun/Ketu) happening on July 22 occurs at about 5 degrees Cancer (5° 26').

What does this mean?

Angelina Jolie has long been suspected to be "Fake à la Ferocity" from Ted Casablanca's Blind Vice series.

From June 21, 2007:

One Needling Blind Vice
Some people love Fake-à-la Ferocity...the rest live to hate her. This do-it-all diva, known to dabble in everything from fab sex to fabber shoes, has her hand in purty much everything these days. Endorsements. Charitable endeavors. Entertainment projects. You name it. And all the wowin' while, Fake-à-la manages to look super-duper delish in the process. Well, she used to, at least.

Lately, F2's once enviable bod has changed for the worse. And her hunky man isn't the only person concerned about the once divinely gifted babe. Nope, now a very few inside Industry types are also concerned 'bout our gal Fakey.

See, F.F. has enjoyed a fairly good reputation in the media and rags...until recently. She's known for being accessible, candid and honest. How very friggin' heretical here in lip-cemented T-town! Apparently, Ms. Ef's hiding one helluva secret. And I'm the bitch to fill ya in on what, exactly, it is that has those select few Hollywood movers 'n' shakers so shaking in their Prada wear, regarding Fakey. She's got what's known as...a heroin habit.

Well, she's hardly the first dame in this drug-infested enclave to fall down that slippery alley, right? It's just, uh, so damn rich to find this out, knowing how utterly benevolent our do-goodin' broad happens to be as of late.

Gosh, wonder how long before everyone finds out what's really behind Fake-à-la's rapidly withering figure? It'll be "Paris who?" should that happen, trust.
This blind appeared as Wanted was filming in June 2007. The picture at the top is Jolie's scrawny figure in that film. Jolie's figure had been withering away in 2007 ever since her mother died earlier that year.

From Lainey in April 2007:
Thin, Sensitive, Happy

Still the most beautiful woman in the world when she’s not at her best, but I think we can all agree, this is not Jolie’s best…though there really is no other side profile like her side profile, non?

Angie at the launch of Global Action for Children yesterday – undeniably painfully thin, especially her legs and her arms. However, contrary to tabloid reports, she is not dying of some disease. Of course, obviously, she’s not eating all that much and I’m told it is something she’s working on but by no means is she about to collapse any time soon either. And no, she’s not about to leave him and abandon the Chosen One.

Have been in touch with several entertainment journalists about this and sources in contact with the Family Pitt – they are extremely happy. They are in love. They have a solid family. She is tired though. She runs after 4 children. And she doesn’t sleep much, nor is she as “tough” about criticism and rumour mongering as she claims – they do get to her…so yes, the bashing she’s taking in the rags is bringing her down, only Angelina Jolie doesn’t cope by shouting at the ocean and crying through yoga poses. And given that she plays the media as well as she gets slapped back from it, with the photos and the conveniently captured outings for ice cream with the kids, moaning about the situation with some hag on the cover of Vanity Fair is likely NOT going to be how she retaliates.
Later in the fall of 2007, Angelina became pregnant with twins. On June 27, 2008, the next blind in the Fake-à-la Ferocity appeared, which was the same day that Wanted opened in the US, and while Angelina was pregnant.
One Privately Eased Blind Vice

Fake à la Ferocity knows how to have it all. She’s got the fans, the perfect relationship, the career, the love, the adoration, the healed needle marks! What more could a chick want in life? Maybe to hold onto that existence, perhaps?

When we last spoke of Ms. F, everybody was gossing in overdrive because she was so painfully thin. And, you know, most folks thought it was starvation stuff and the honey-doll just wasn’t eating much. Not true. F2 was shooting up with the best of ‘em, and, trust, plenty of H-wood honey-pies are on heroin right now. I mean, forget closeted fagolas—that’s the real dirty secret in this town, for now, at least.

But Fake à la needed to get off the hard stuff for a variety of reasons, family and Biz included. Firstly, she’s done it before. Secondly, she’s not stoopid; Ms. Ferocity knows damn well if she keeps up the drugs like most of her addicted colleagues have, she’ll say buh-bye to everything she’s nabbed. F.F. has no intention of pulling a Belushi, I assure you. And that is why Fake à la employs some of Hell-Ay’s fanciest docs, their specialty being weaning famous folks off drugs via synthetic goodies that’ll make anybody’s bad day a tad more doable. Roughing in rehab? No, babes, that’s for the little people.

However, there does lie a small kink in this elite, indulged sitch, prob being Ferocity’s docs think their client’s intending to quit for good. Uh, yeah. She’ll do that about as soon as she stops screwing whomever she pleases. See, the cleaning up’s only for F2’s current activities, babes. Then it’s right back to anorexia rumors, count on it.
The last update Ted Casablanca gave everyone on Fakey was on November 21, 2008.
One Two-Timing Blind Vice

Been awhile since we heard from Fake-à-la Ferocity, I know. The babe who has used prescribed synthetic goodies to help her get off a nasty drug habit is two-timing her man, didn’t you know?

No, not that hunk she’s got at home stashed in the fully toy-equipped bedroom, but her doctor, I mean. Turns out F.F. knows how to work her fierce femme charm on the good docs (a very old story in this town, right? Just ask Liz Taylor’s 263,000 docs if you don’t believe me). So you know the last Vice tale: Ms. Ferocity needed to get off her substantial habit so she could not only save her home life and marriage but make a movie, too. Thought nobody would notice that she went right back to using not that long ago.

Yeah, right, exactly. So gotta get clean again! Yep, she’s back on the synthetic stuff, and not just with one doc but two. Two pro docs who don’t know about the other, by the by. Guess Ms. F. really likes to feel good when she’s feelin’ bad comin’ down from the hard stuff? I swear, it’s not the docs and the man at home, nor F.F.’s family, that’s gonna find out first how much crap she’s shooting into her bod, it’s gonna be the public, when she keels over dead one day. Jeez already, get help, woman!
So did she ever get help? I have no idea. We all know Michael Jackson didn't. Neither did Heath Ledger. Two famous wake-up calls for all of Hollywood's drug users. And as we all know, warnings aren't always heeded.

So what does this have to do with the eclipse ten days away?

First, July 22 won't be the first time Angelina's ascendant was eclipsed by a total eclipse. The first time was 19 years ago on July 22, 1990, when Angelina was 15. (Due to the Metonic cycle, all but 23% of eclipses have a 19-year return close to the same degree.) When someone has this (eclipse return) happen, it often implies that an issue that started (19 years ago) in the past needs to be addressed in the present. Somehow, someway.

So what started 19 years ago for Angelina? Most likely her drug use. She's referenced it in multiple interviews in the past ten years making statements such as
She acknowledged her troubled youth, saying, "Divorce isn't good for children, especially when they're teenagers. I went through a lot of dark things, which my father [JON VOIGHT] wanted me to stop. But there was no way."

"I've done just about every drug possible," she admits. "Coke, heroin, ecstasy, LSD, everything. The worst effect, for me, was pot. I felt silly and giggly, and I hate feeling like that. I remember taking LSD before I went to Disneyland. I started thinking about Mickey Mouse being a short, middle-aged man in a costume who hates his life. Those drugs can be dangerous if you don't go into it positively. I gave them up long ago."
Ironically, in the same interview (November 2007), she addresses her much noticed weight loss.
The outspoken mother and Goodwill Ambassador has no problem addressing her recent weight loss, saying, "I like to think that I'm smart about my diet, but there are other factors. Breastfeeding has kept me slim -- so has the worry and grief over the death of my mother."
It's something that Jolie still references in interviews.
I also liked the part where Ann asked Angelina what would have been different if she had been involved or known about refugee issues before her twenties, and Angelina answered that she wouldn’t have been so self-destructive.
Is she still being destructive? It's not like she would admit she's still on heroin to national publications.

I suspect she still is on heroin or some substitute. I believe Ted. It's possible that she may overdose on something within the next 10 days or so and be hospitalized. Hopefully, she won't overdose and die. Like we really need another celebrity drug death. We'll never get any real news out of CNN. But something in her life is definitely about to come to a head.


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