Why I Can't Stand "Twilight"

>> Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One of my favorite shows vs one of my least favorite movies:

Totally right about that "googly eyed" thing Edward/Robert Pattinson does over and over again. Really, when I watched this movie I really wanted to throw the box of Junior Mints at the screen, but I would have been lynched by the Twitards in the audience no doubt.

And what is it with women loving a stalker-ish boyfriend? Seriously disturbed. "Every Breath You Take" should have been part of the soundtrack. It's pitch perfect for this inanity.

Thank god the two friends I have aren't stalking Robert Pattinson around NYC right now. One just thinks its a fun read. The other is a little more into it, but thankfully, she has a life and isn't obsessed with it.

Small mercies.


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