Yet another celebrity drug death

>> Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is anybody really that surprised?

I'm not. Which means to some people I'm going to hell. Drugs & celebrities go together like Spic & Span, pork & beans, yin & yang.

Like Deepak Chopra mentions in his interview on Countdown last Friday, Michael Jackson had asked him for prescriptions for Oxycontin. So not surprising. It's not like MJ looked like the picture of health everyone wanted to emulate. Great dancer. Great singer. Great showman. Healthy? Um, probably not for several years. The man's life was tragic, fucked up and full of great achievements all at the same time. Not even Madonna can accomplish that trifecta.

I occasionally pity MJ and all his problems stemming from childhood. However, I do not feel sorry for him since he choose not to confront his problems when he had the chance. And as Chopra said, he was given many chances. There were people who knew him who genuinely wanted to help him.

Really, Jackson's life post-Thriller success embodies the old Chinese curse, "May your heart's every desire be immediately fulfilled."


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