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>> Friday, August 14, 2009

Yet another Entertainment Weekly cover dedicated to the Twilight saga. Ugh. Are we never going to escape this shit? They just featured this two weeks ago! For a second, I thought that Time Warner owned the Twilight franchise because how else do you co-opt the cover of a national publication like Entertainment Weekly twice in one month without a new movie in theaters?

And to think that we have two more years of this shit to endure. Movie number two comes out this fall to be followed by number three in 2010 and the finale in 2011. Christ, can Robert Pattinson hang on to his sanity for that long? Lainey posted this yesterday:

Robert Pattinson in particular is trying to hide out.

Am told by Vancouver airport sources that they’ve never had a request like the one they had for him the other day to get him out of YVR, a stealth exit so as not to be surrounded by crazies. Said the source: that kid is afraid for his life.
Poor kid. The Twilight psychos are probably just fueling the probability that Pattinson is going to turn to drugs to escape his problems just like everyone else in Hollywood. He'll probably die of an overdose in a few years and be mourned in perpetuity by tattoos 'n such. Unless a crazy TwiTard doesn't kill him first for not falling desperately in love with her upon first sight. The Twilight cult will never die.


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