Red Eye

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An excellent thriller. No fluff, just cut straight to the chase. The plane interior was quite believable right down to the guy eating food right before takeoff. I have seen that so many times. (I was thinking that it was supposed to be a 767 when I was watching and was proven right when I watched the "Making of..." doc.)

Rachel McAdams seems excellent in anything I've seen her in, i.e, intelligent and can act, unlike so many ingenues. It's kind of a shame that she's picky about what movies she makes because she hasn't made many movies in the past 3 years. Cillian Murphy just has a natural creepy look due to his big blue eyes. I know this came out in 2005, the same year as Batman Begins, but he does villains so well. It's just that he has such an androgynous look that can be distracting at some moments. I keep thinking of that movie, Breakfast on Pluto, where he played a transsexual even though I haven't seen it. Guess I'm gonna have to now...


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