Someone else noticed Kate Bosworth's dismal portrayal of LL

>> Thursday, August 20, 2009

That would be Lois Lane. Bitch Magazine just completed a two-part review of Lois in film. (Part 1 and Part 2) Regarding LL in Superman Returns:

Lois Lane was most recently seen on the big screen in 2006’s Superman Returns. Kate Bosworth played the reporter, but with a complete lack of the trademark spice. This Lois was a single mother and Pulitzer prize winner – which would have been interesting if she wasn’t also a quiet, bitter woman (the award was for a thinly-veiled piece on why the world doesn’t need Superman).
This is what I said a year and a half ago:
The world was forced to endure her lifeless version of Lois Lane in Superman Returns. Lois Lane is vivacious. Kate Bosworth is not. Margot Kidder was and remains the quintessential Lois Lane. Margot Kidder went crazy several years later. BUT Margot Kidder has a personality. She has her own verve. She could carry scenes in a blockbuster movie about a comic book heroine.
As Bitch noted regarding the Margot Kidder version:
Kidder’s feisty femme provided a more multi-dimensional version of Lois. One who says that a more traditional path of a woman—kids, cats and a mortgage—would drive her “bananas.” As a woman as notoriously outspoken as Ms. Lane, Kidder played Lois as two distinct characters; one “as an independent career woman” around Clark, and the other as she has said as “Mushy in the middle around Superman.” As a result, Lois gets to be a woman and a journalist. Just as our hero gets to be both Clark Kent and The Man of Steel.
Something lost on Bryan Singer in his over-intellectualized attempt to make all the puzzle pieces fit in Superman Returns, yet killing the vivacity of the characters. Superman doesn't even wear red in his version. He wears maroon.


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