The Atlantic 50 (top pundits)

>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A bit interesting looking at the list. No women in the top 10.

Highest ranked woman: Peggy Noonan at 13.

Highest ranked minority: Fareed Zakaria at 16.

Highest ranked non-US citizen: Andrew Sullivan at 9. (I've always wondered why he hasn't become a citizen yet, but then I remember that he's forbidden from becoming so since he's HIV-positive. Stupid, draconian immigration laws.)

Highest ranked person I consistently pay attention to: Rachel Maddow at 14. It's quite surprising that she ranked this high. Keith Olbermann came in at 20. She no longer has her radio show (it just replays her tv show from the previous night now), and her tv show just celebrated its first anniversary this month. Perhaps she can crack the top 10 next year so it's not just a boys' club?

I do read Paul Krugman (at Number 1!) from time to time. The same goes for Sullivan.

My other personal faves are Glenn Greenwald at 22, Josh Marshall at 29 and Bill Moyers at 32.


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