Dollhouse (season 1)

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just finished watching the last episode, "Epitaph One," last night. I also re-watched one of my favorite episodes, "A Spy in the House of Love." The series started really slow but really picked up midway.

To my surprise, I like all of the characters on the show. I think the credit definitely goes to the actors. They've cast such good ones. I adore Harry Lennix as Boyd. Adelle DeWitt was much more likable at the end of the season; I hated her in the beginning.

But Enver Gjokaj as Victor is my absolute favorite. He's like a much better looking Orlando Bloom and a hell of a much better actor. He's absolutely fantastic! In the first episode, where he was playing Lubov, with a Russian accent, I thought that might have been his natural accent since his name isn't English and I didn't know anything about him. Nope. He's just the master of accents on the show. He is the best "doll" or "active" in the house. All of his imprint characters are completely different. His "natural" personality is completely different from his "doll-state." He is the reason why "A Spy in the House of Love" was on of my favorite episodes. I think my jaw almost dropped when he busted out the British accent with a completely different twinkle in his eye than the "Lubov" character. And when he did his rendition of "Dominic" in the "Briar Rose" episode, he just cemented my opinion of him as the best "doll" on the show.

The biggest flaw on the show is its lead, Eliza Dushku. She's not a gaping flaw, but she's almost always outshined by the other actors. She's uneven and has consistency problems. She was excellent in the "Haunted" episode playing a now-deceased woman searching for her killer. But her other "imprints" aren't carried through with as much conviction as say November's Mellie or Sierra's spies. She is really likable as the lead but lacks some depth. I really think she has the potential to do better. It's like she's almost been hampered by being a child actor and gotten stuck in development hell. As I was re-watching some episodes, I remembered that Carrie Fisher had taken some kind of pantomiming class in between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, and it really helped her become a better actress. Dushku could really benefit from more training because it often looks more like she's just doing a character rather than acting out the character.

But back to the series itself. I enjoyed the "last" episode, "Epitaph One," on the dvd, particularly when seeing possible futures of the regular characters. But the apocalyptic atmosphere I could do without. It's so trite. Can Joss Whedon not think beyond apocalypse situations? I didn't watch Firefly, but the world-facing-apocalyptic events were standard on Buffy and Angel. It'd be really nice to see something new.

Looking forward to this Friday's premiere of season 2.


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