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>> Friday, September 25, 2009

Gladwell’s ‘Blink’ talks about ‘Cultures of Honor’ such as those found in Appalachia and Southern Ohio - which have their roots in the law-less Clan regions of 17th Century Scotland.

Cromwell couldn’t handle them, so he used them as Politico-Religio Pawns to populate Northern Ireland with Protestants around 1650 - they didn’t fit in there, either.

100 years later, they were still causing all kinds of trouble for the Crown in Ireland. However, rather than expend the effort to civilize them then, the King of England instead shipped thousands and thousands of them out to West Virginia and the Colonial South with the promise of land grants! How about that Kingly problem solving, huh?

In a Culture of Honor, a Jury will sometimes let a Murderer go - if they think the Victim “had it coming to him.”

Writing ‘Fed’ on the guy could be the killer’s way of saying, “Here’s all the evidence you need to know that he had it coming to him!”
commenter on Firedoglake, on a post regarding the "census worker" killing


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