Quote of the Day: On "Liberal" Indoctrination at Universities

>> Friday, September 4, 2009

Because some people think higher education equals "liberal indoctrination," a rebuttal:

At last, an article that I totally agree with. I really think higher education is a waste of time. The universities are controlled by liberals and other losers who can't make it in the real world.

It costs a lot to send a kid to one of these institutions. They could learn more--and earn more--by being out in the real world.

I made the mistake of going to a liberal arts college. It was a big mistake. I learned how to read classical Greek by reading about Socrates (who was a big old homo by the way) and I also studied English common law, the roots of current legal system. Did you know those medieval English assholes had all kinds of liberal notions like writs of habeas corpus and jury trials? The worst thing is, those brits didn't even realize that they were being liberals.

I learned a bunch of other irrelevant shit, like Russian literature (commies!), poetry of the Romantic era (libertines!), French literature (even bigger libertines, and they could not even speak English), and Greek tragedy (more sodomists!). I also wasted my time studying Anglo-Saxon literature (Beowulf, the Seafarer) etc. in the original language. These folks hadn't even found Jesus yet. Worse than a bunch of Arabs, I'd have to say.

I also learned about psychology, which I have to say was pretty much useless because despite everything that is known about the human brain there are clearly still a lot of fucked up people. More fail.

I learned some other useless shit about early and classical near eastern art and archeology. Some of those Greek vases showed men with huge erections (OMG). Not to mention all that pagan imagery. Probably the worst thing about it is the insight that human nature has been remarkably consistent over time, despite the occasional change in mores. Not to mention the heart-breaking realization that human civilization probably peaked quite good long time ago (judging from, say, Fox News this week).

Surprisingly, at my liberal arts college those commie professors actually encouraged us to disagree with them if we could support our argument with evidence. Damn freethinkers.

I think people should skip college altogether or just go to bible-based colleges.
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