The Blind Side

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

So yesterday we got to see the movie that we had planned to see the week before. The showing was almost sold out, close but not quite. If Twilight hadn't been playing on three screens, it would have played in a bigger theater no doubt.

My inner cynic was mollified. I don't have much to quibble about the movie. I know some people have complained that the character "Michael Oher" in the movie doesn't speak much. I can definitely see a (possible) gentle giant stereotype in the story, but I don't know what the real Michael Oher is like in real life. Perhaps he's soft spoken as well?

I teared up quite a bit during the first half, and why not? The poor kid is struggling against impossible odds—a society geared to the rich and white, not fairness. The legacy of Ronald Reagan and Milton Friedman kept coming to mind at certain points.

But at a certain point, it stopped being sad points and clearly became about love. The kind of love that moves beyond differences and circumstances and etc.

No wonder it had an 18% increase in its box office from opening weekend. In times like these, who doesn't want to see a movie about someone making it?


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