A Christmas Carol

>> Sunday, November 29, 2009

I think the version with George C. Scott will always be my favorite since I saw it on tv as a child, but I actually enjoyed this one. Somewhat to my surprise. I teared up/cried quite a bit too. Perhaps because I was still upset over the meeting earlier in the day. (I saw this last Sunday.) I think it achieved genuine sincerity from the characters like Pixar tends to achieve.

When I was watching it, I remembered that Bob Cratchit is not poor but middle class. Similar conditions exist today where CEOs take in a couple hundred times what their average workers receive for salary and the middle class is getting screwed again. Most of these current CEOs are nothing but greedy. Yes, many do decent work but they're severely overpaid. I doubt many of them would see this movie and realize they need to share the wealth. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future have no plans to visit them. And it's ironic that during the current health care debate, modern-day Tiny Tims can be found almost anywhere.

On a different note, that Amblin/E.T. moon shot was lame. No one laughed at it.

Still, a good movie. I actually recommend it.


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