The DDL Third Oscar Theory

>> Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some people happen to be convinced that Daniel Day-Lewis is a contender for a Best Actor Oscar this year. A concept which baffles me completely.

However, here is Example A:

As for Daniel Day-Lewis, well, this is his time. Awards season. Strangely enough, DDL has taken a backseat to Colin Firth and George Clooney early in the game. Some prediction sites don’t even have him in nomination contention.


You never count out DDL.
And Example B:
Click here for the review. See? You never, ever EVER count out Daniel Day-Lewis.
Um, no. You can count out DDL winning his THIRD Best Actor Oscar next year. It ain't gonna happen. No man alive or dead has won THREE Best Actor Oscars. Not even Jack Nicholson. So why would the Academy just decide to anoint DDL with this honor? Because he did a musical? Please. He'll get the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy, but he ain't gonna be bringing another Oscar home next March no matter how hard Harvey campaigns. If the Academy decides to give DDL a THIRD Best Actor trophy, then it'll be several years in the future, not two years after he won his second. The Hollywood Institution known as Tom Hanks couldn't make a Third Best Actor happen for Cast Away even when he was practically the only actor in half the movie and won several critics' awards. And everyone knows DDL will be a contender for something in the future eventually, unless he decides to retire from acting after Nine. And if he did, then it just would prove that there's no point in giving him a THIRD.

If you really think DDL could bring it home, then you need to explain why the Best Actor Oscar won't be going to Jeff Bridges, who has never won an Oscar. Or Morgan Freeman who has never won the Best Actor Oscar. Or George Clooney, who also has never won a Best Actor Oscar. Or Viggo Mortensen, for The Road, who has never won an Oscar. Or Colin Firth, who has never won an Oscar. Or "newcomer" Jeremy Renner for The Hurt Locker. Hell, you can fill the nominations for the Best Actor category quite easily without including DDL. At this point, no matter what "the buzz" is saying, DDL will be lucky to be nominated for an Oscar this time around. It's far more likely that Ben Foster will be nominated as Best Actor for The Messenger than DDL will win his THIRD Best Actor trophy for Nine.


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