There goes Mike Huckabee's political career

>> Monday, November 30, 2009

That was my first thought upon hearing that the suspect, Maurice Clemmons, in the Lakewood Police Massacre had his prison sentence commuted by Huckabee.

Then I took the time to read a lengthy article from 2005 by the Arkansas Times regarding Huckabee's involvement in the parole of Wayne Dummond, a convicted rapist with a long criminal record. This passage stood out:

The state official who advised Huckabee on the Dumond case confirmed that the governor knew very little about Ashley Stevens’ case:

“I don’t believe that he had access to, or read, the law enforcement records or parole commission’s files — even by then,” the official said. “He already seemed to have made up his mind, and his knowledge of the case appeared to be limited to a large degree as to what people had told him, what Jay Cole had told him, and what he had read in the New York Post.”

Jay Cole, like Huckabee, is a Baptist minister, pastor for the Mission Fellowship Bible Church in Fayetteville and a close friend of the governor and his wife. On the ultra-conservative radio program he hosts, Cole has championed the cause of Wayne Dumond for more than a decade.

Cole has repeatedly claimed that Dumond’s various travails are the result of Ashley Stevens’ distant relationship to Bill Clinton.

The governor was also apparently relying on information he got from Steve Dunleavy, first as a correspondent for the tabloid television show “A Current Affair” and later as a columnist for the New York Post.

Much of what Dunleavy has written about the Dumond saga has been either unverified or is demonstrably untrue. Dunleavy has all but accused Ashley Stevens of having fabricated her rape, derisively referring to her in one column as a “so-called victim,” and brusquely asserting in another, “That rape never happened.”

The columnist wrote that Dumond was a “Vietnam veteran with no record” when in fact he did have a criminal record. He claimed there existed DNA evidence by “one of the most respected DNA experts in the country” to exonerate Dumond, even though there was no such evidence. He wrote that Bill Clinton had personally intervened to keep Dumond in prison, even though Clinton had recused himself in 1990 from any involvement in the case because of his distant relationship with Stevens.

“The problem with the governor is that he listens to Jay Cole and reads Steve Dunleavy and believes them ... without doing other substantative work,” the state official said.
It's downright Palinesque. Why bother doing your homework when conservative commentators can do it for you? Huckabee had no problem lying about his involvement in this matter two years ago.

Of course, there are others...

Wow. He let a convicted murderer go free because he found Jesus? WTF? (A few more details can be found here.) And this is a man who some consider worthy of the presidency? Huckabee's political career should be sinking faster than the Titanic today.


I first found out about this shooting yesterday when I saw a headline on the Huffington Post about a shooting in Washington State. I knew at that moment that it was probably in the Tacoma area, just going off a gut feeling. Sure enough it was. I'd driven by that area numerous times since it's near PLU, my alma mater.

I had worked for campus safety two years when I was there, so until they released the names of the slain officers, I was worried that I may have worked with one of the fallen. I didn't, but it was something that bothered me for awhile.

They keep on saying that the shooting was close to McChord Air Force Base; although, that is technically true since the fence separating McChord is right next to South Steele, realistically PLU is closer since any of the gates to enter McChord are farther away.

At this point, there's nothing I want more for them to find this guy and put him in jail. I keep checking the Seattle Times and Huffington Post for a headline saying Clemmons was caught. I sure hope he is.


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