The Daily Dumbass: "FOX newscasters are the most informed"

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

According to a letter to the editor in yesterday's paper. I couldn't find the actual letter online, so I typed it out.

To the writer of the Dec. 5 letter, "Murdoch a 'skinhead in a Brooks Brothers suit,'" who refers to Rupert Murdoch, the FOX News network, and their listeners as dangerous skinheads: The majority of news listeners today tune into FOX News Network.

The writer refers to listeners as uneducated, easily led Americans. He then says that Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck and the rest of the FOX commentators are telling us nothing but hate-mongering propaganda.

FOX newscasters are the very best informed people in this business. If they were not, they wouldn't have the positions that they are in. They give us what they call, the fair and balanced news of the day. If viewers check out these facts, they would find out how well informed they are.

The letter writer then says that if these newscasters are left unchecked they will turn the clock back to the days of the KKK.

After this writer was through writing his ridiculous and laughable letter, did he actually reread it?

Then, he tells us, the majority, "The truth is out there, make an effort to find it." This is very good advice and I for one, in the majority know who needs to follow this advice. Why doesn't this letter writer start by tuning into Rush Limbaugh every day, remember "the truth is out there."

The letter writer is obviously blinded by his liberal views and refuses to listen to true political facts.

Move over. Conservatism is on it's [sic] way back, and in a big way.

—K.H., Hunstville
Yes, they are SO smart.
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And honest.
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Or perhaps FOX news viewers are just lemmings.


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