Lost: Season 1

>> Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just finished it.

I actually started watching this back when it premiered in 2004. Watched the first three episodes. Then parts of some of the others. Then stopped watching. I just didn't feel like devoting myself to another tv series. I also had given up my cable a few months before and watching tv via antenna was a pain. The local Fox channel put out the best signal. (No, I don't watch 24 either.)

So this past week I decided to start watching it online (via Netflix) since I could watch episode after episode without having to go get another dvd. I suppose I could have watched them via Hulu too, but no commercials is always a plus. And it's nice knowing that I can watch everything leading up to the season 6 premiere and not have to suffer the agony of waiting in between seasons to find out what happens to whom.

Because this thing is one giant telly novel. I haven't watched anything but season 1 yet, but I've read bits and pieces about Lost for years now. And heard and read people complaining that they have to wait so long to find out what happened. I'm so taking the easy route. Granted, I kind of know when some characters die like Boone (that's a strange name), which kills part of the suspense but I don't really care.

I care that Claire doesn't lose her baby again. Walt gets back to Michael. Hurley surviving through it all. Finding out who The Others are and some character named "Juliet." And no more back stories on Jack. Really, that man's back story is boring. I'm always looking at the clock when the episode centers on him. I would much rather see episodes devoted to Sawyer.


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