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>> Saturday, December 5, 2009

On Friday morning, Glenn Greenwald appeared with Christopher Hitchens (and some Republican lady) on Dylan Ratigan's "Morning Meeting." Greenwald, unfortunately, didn't get as much talking time as Hitchens did, but he did make this comment in the letters section of his Friday column/post:

You're often at a time disadvantage when you're not in studio and it's a 3-person panel, but I agree: this was egregious.
Dylan seemed impressed with Hitchens' pompous, rambling tripe, and particularly fascinated by the "wisdom" that all we have to do to to fix things there is change the "vectors."

I tried interrupting several times but to no avail, though I expressed a few points i wanted to express.

I actually thought it was sort of funny when the woman (whose name I don't know) interrupted me to say, in this shocked and incredulous tone: "you think we should just leave??!!?!"

They're so accustomed to the idea that we have the right to invade and control whatever countries we want that the only crazy idea to them is: "Hey, we've been waging war there for 8 years now - maybe we should stop":

"You mean we should just leave!?!?!"

"Well, it's not really our country, so yeah."
So, in the letters, I wrote:
Dylan seemed impressed with Hitchens' pompous, rambling tripe,
This is why I tend to refer to Hitchens as "Mr. Bitchy." I suppose it's a little high-schooler-ish, but I think it's more reflective of Hitchen's personality in a Dances-With-Wolves way.
Then I checked what I had written about Hitchens a couple of years ago. It wasn't "Mr. Bitchy." It was "Mr. Bitter." "Mr. Bitchy," I remembered this morning, was a guy down south who would come over and complain about everything when the team I was on at the time was working on gutting a house down to the studs in New Orleans. Oops! Oh well, it's not like it mattered much anyway.


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