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>> Friday, December 4, 2009

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I wouldn't think it possible until I heard the news last week. I have Democracy Now! updates appear in my Facebook feed, which is how I heard about it.

I've been to Canada three times so far. Twice I've been to British Columbia and Vancouver Island. I really like the BC ferries. They're so big that I felt much safer on those than the smaller Washington state one I've been on. Granted, the Washington state ferry had several smaller stops in the San Juans, which is why they need smaller ferries. The one time I've been in Canada and not gone to Vancouver Island was when a friend from Utah was visiting one of my other friends, and we all went up to Vancouver for dinner.

Yes, just for dinner because he had never been out of the US before. They drove down to Tacoma to pick me up, and then we all drove up to Vancouver for a late dinner. This was in early 1998, so all we had to do was present our drivers' licenses at the border. Needless to say, the border guards were quite suspicious of our dinner plans, so of course we had to pull over and go inside while they searched the car, presumably for drugs. (That was our best guess.) We were there for about a half hour before they let us to go, but we didn't get the interrogation and photography treatment that Amy Goodman got.

The full Democracy Now! segment on this is well worth watching:
But I particularly like what one of the anti-Vancouver Olympic Games said to The Globe and Mail:
Olympic critic Chris Shaw, meanwhile, couldn't be happier.

“This is the best pre-Christmas gift I've had in years. The CBSA has taken a non-issue and made it a major one. Millions of Americans now know about this,” he said. “There's nothing quite like pissing off a major talk show host. Only if they tasered her could it have been any better.”
So true. Police states function much better when ALL of the press is under sanction. Duh!


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