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>> Friday, September 4, 2009

to make sense.

Al Franken talking like the sensible Minnesotan he is:


Quote of the Day: On "Liberal" Indoctrination at Universities

Because some people think higher education equals "liberal indoctrination," a rebuttal:

At last, an article that I totally agree with. I really think higher education is a waste of time. The universities are controlled by liberals and other losers who can't make it in the real world.

It costs a lot to send a kid to one of these institutions. They could learn more--and earn more--by being out in the real world.

I made the mistake of going to a liberal arts college. It was a big mistake. I learned how to read classical Greek by reading about Socrates (who was a big old homo by the way) and I also studied English common law, the roots of current legal system. Did you know those medieval English assholes had all kinds of liberal notions like writs of habeas corpus and jury trials? The worst thing is, those brits didn't even realize that they were being liberals.

I learned a bunch of other irrelevant shit, like Russian literature (commies!), poetry of the Romantic era (libertines!), French literature (even bigger libertines, and they could not even speak English), and Greek tragedy (more sodomists!). I also wasted my time studying Anglo-Saxon literature (Beowulf, the Seafarer) etc. in the original language. These folks hadn't even found Jesus yet. Worse than a bunch of Arabs, I'd have to say.

I also learned about psychology, which I have to say was pretty much useless because despite everything that is known about the human brain there are clearly still a lot of fucked up people. More fail.

I learned some other useless shit about early and classical near eastern art and archeology. Some of those Greek vases showed men with huge erections (OMG). Not to mention all that pagan imagery. Probably the worst thing about it is the insight that human nature has been remarkably consistent over time, despite the occasional change in mores. Not to mention the heart-breaking realization that human civilization probably peaked quite good long time ago (judging from, say, Fox News this week).

Surprisingly, at my liberal arts college those commie professors actually encouraged us to disagree with them if we could support our argument with evidence. Damn freethinkers.

I think people should skip college altogether or just go to bible-based colleges.
from Gossip Rocks


Runway RunAway: A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance & Rock 'n Roll

I decided to get this book a few weeks ago. It's not the kind of book I normally read, seeing as I still have several political books on my shelf to read. I became interested in it after reading a bunch of things online about Def Leppard and the late Steve Clark. I decided to buy it because no way would my local library ever get it. It's published by a small publishing company. Also highly doubtful that I'd be able to get it on an inter-library loan too. Anyway, I figured that since it wasn't solely about Steve Clark that it would be worth reading.

And I was right. Because Lorelei Shellist, the author, covers a lot of ground in this book. Her teenage years to her early 30s were quite action packed. I'm inclined to say "adventuresome" except that the book ends in tragedy (Clark's demise and death), and it's clear she wasn't always searching for adventure.

I thought her ongoing saga of trying to make a modeling career was the most interesting topic in the book. Not wanting to fuck her way to great contracts, she had to work extra hard to still keep her head above water while living in Paris. Now, in the age of the internet and digital media, it's more common to hear about how fucked up the modeling world can be. And while it's never been a squeaky-clean industry, it seems easier to prey on models now since many young girls start out now when they're 14 or younger. Lorelei was 16 when she started in Los Angeles, which isn't a huge age difference, but she had much more maturity when she finally starts encountering photographer creeps and other forms of harassment at 19. Just one of the differences between the late 70s and the early 21st century.

A lot of people have heard about Karen Mulder going batshit crazy in the last few years. Some people have spun her story into proof of an ongoing Illuminati sex ring. Which is even crazier than some of the things Mulder said. Lorelei does make it pretty clear that even back in the early 80s, modeling agencies did try to pimp out their models to wealthy men, and male agency CEOs would try to fuck their models. However, it did not mean there weren't opportunities to say "no."

...Gerald [Marie] never picked up the telephone for me again. In fact, he just about blacklisted me from the boards. Pamela took over my bookings as I struggled along, pounding the pavements of Paris. When Pamela invited me to the model dinners that she arranged, I decided I'd better go along in hopes that I could repair the damage I had done with Gerald. However, Pamela's dinner parties turned out to be high-class pimping parties for Arab oil billionaires from the Middle East. The young girls who went to those dinners in the private houses near the Champs Elysees were offered rubies, emeralds, sapphires and even diamonds in trade for sex. Girls who accepted Pamela's bookings, located in the houses and on the yachts of Arabs in the French Riviera, or worse, somewhere in the Middle East, would be paid anywhere from one thousand dollars to fifty grand in cash, depending on the services they provided. Some of those girls were never seen again. It only took one dinner to teach me all that. (p. 128)
So, yes, high-class sex rings do exist, but that doesn't mean they're perpetuated by the Illuminati.

Still, one of the driving reasons I bought the book was to find out a bit about Steve Clark. I remember where I was when I heard about his death, sitting in a car at a gas station while on the way to a girl's basketball game in 8th grade. I can still remember my shock at hearing the announcement on NPR. Def Leppard was my favorite band in my junior high years.

It was nice to read that he had some happiness with Lorelei, but unfortunately, the man just couldn't be saved. It seemed everyone tried to help him. I remember reading an article where someone, possibly one of the band members, stated that Steve "really didn't want to be here." It's pretty much impossible to save someone in that situation.
Steve Clark had managers, lawyers, accountants, personal bankers, and roadies to pick up the slack. He could never hit his bottom: he had too many people like me enabling him. It wasn't until we had each let go, one by one, that Steve drowned in his own disease, never having learned to swim at all. The more you do for another, the less he learns to do for himself. (p. 275)
In short, Lorelei grew up the hard way; Steve never quite did. Which is still sad because Clark, by most accounts, was a pretty nice guy. He was never the notorious asshole Axl Rose was.

But still, the music will endure.


Fucking hilarious

This person commenting on Crazy Days and Nights, "not on my dollar," wrote

And for the record I'm not convinced that the person revealing Lainey's blog is not associated in some way with her.
Yes, I find this hilarious. Saying that the person who runs the "Lainey Blinds" blog is somehow "related" to Lainey. Because no one could ever have enough brain power to do it otherwise. It would just be too fucking hard without "official" help of some kind...

Bitch, please...

But this isn't surprising given that "not on my dollar" is clearly a devoted fan of Enty, aka "Entertainment Lawyer" of Crazy Days and Nights. A man who is allegedly a lawyer AND an online gossip blogger, who posts blind items EVERY day he posts. Ted Casablanca doesn't even posts blind items that often.

Or, as many others have noted on Gossip Rocks:
I think the EL makes up all the juicy blinds without exception and only repeats hearsay and online gossip in the more harmless ones.

Question: Why would he reveal any BIs, if he is so concerened [sic] about legal issues? A lawyer at that!
I lost every bit of respect I had for this hack(and it wasn't much to start with) after the Timmy BI. So fabricated and the reveal had things that were different in the original BI to make them fit the most popular guess on his/her site. There was one BI before that, in one of the clues he gave some time after the original BI was posted he even admitted to giving a false time line so it would be harder to guess. Yeah whatev.

I have a very hard time taking anything seriously that comes from the entertainment lawyer's site.
Lots of people have mentioned that they doubt Ent. Lawyer's credibility.
But, of course, it's the anonymous person cataloging Lainey's blinds, clues & reveals who's suspect?


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