I'd like to see her win

>> Wednesday, December 16, 2009

From Jezebel:

On [Kathryn] Bigelow's chances for Oscar or future commercial success: The only thing Hollywood is interested in money, and after that prestige. That's why they'll be interested in something like The Hurt Locker. She's done so well critically that she can't be ignored.

Let's acknowledge that the Oscars are bullshit and we hate them. But they are important commercially... I've learned to never underestimate the academy's bad taste. Crash as best picture? What the fuck.
—Manohla Dargis of the NY Times


Rings true to me

From a reader of Andrew Sullivan's blog:

I'm a New York native who's lived in Alabama for close to five years now. Here's what Northerners miss: The South is an aristocracy, and the key to understanding Alabama is that it was founded -- and to some degree remains -- as a state at war with a good portion of its residents. If you live outside the region, you can get a vague sense of that, but living here really brings it home.

Slavery and segregation have both died away, but the state is still run by a relatively small number of lawyers, businessmen and lobbyists located in Montgomery. The fiendishly awful 1901 Constitution centralizes all power in the state capitol, making local control almost nonexistent. To get permission to, say, spray for mosquitoes in a county, you have to amend the constitution in a statewide vote. This is not an exaggeration. The small clique of folks in the capitol city dictate tax, education and business policy for the whole state, and if you're not part of that clique -- even if you're the mayor of a major city -- you're not going to have a say in how the state is run.

They prefer it that way, and always have. Alabama was founded as a slave state, and the founders of this state were slaveholders who bent the government to keep their unjust system going and protect themselves from insurrection. After an interlude in Reconstruction, the elites took over again and started systematically locking blacks and poor whites out of Montgomery for fear their state would be taken over. The folks who wrote the 1901 Constitution were landholders in the middle part of the state who wanted to hold the black population under the lash and industrialists in northern Alabama who wanted to keep their (mostly white) workers in line. Both groups shared a fearful memory of the 1890s, when the Populist Party and its humane agenda came within a stolen election or two of taking control of the state. Alabama never had a Huey Long-type governor to smash the old boys' network, and this bunker mentality has persisted through most of this state's sad history.

So if you wonder why Alabama politicians are always looking for the "other," the one to blame for all their homemade problems, look no further than the history of this state. The people who run Alabama are only concerned with protecting their power. They're brazen about it, and care about their voters only inasmuch as they can convince them their frustrations are less about the system and more about liberals or immigrants.

Try to make a trip to Montgomery during the next legislative session, which starts in January and ends in April. You'll get about three feet off the elevators before you see the hallways choked with lobbyists trying to sell (or dictate) policy to elected officials. An actual constituent would have a hard time making their way through the crush to see their representative. That's Alabama, and that's the best way to understand it.


The Daily Dumbass: "FOX newscasters are the most informed"

>> Tuesday, December 15, 2009

According to a letter to the editor in yesterday's paper. I couldn't find the actual letter online, so I typed it out.

To the writer of the Dec. 5 letter, "Murdoch a 'skinhead in a Brooks Brothers suit,'" who refers to Rupert Murdoch, the FOX News network, and their listeners as dangerous skinheads: The majority of news listeners today tune into FOX News Network.

The writer refers to listeners as uneducated, easily led Americans. He then says that Hannity, O'Reilly, Beck and the rest of the FOX commentators are telling us nothing but hate-mongering propaganda.

FOX newscasters are the very best informed people in this business. If they were not, they wouldn't have the positions that they are in. They give us what they call, the fair and balanced news of the day. If viewers check out these facts, they would find out how well informed they are.

The letter writer then says that if these newscasters are left unchecked they will turn the clock back to the days of the KKK.

After this writer was through writing his ridiculous and laughable letter, did he actually reread it?

Then, he tells us, the majority, "The truth is out there, make an effort to find it." This is very good advice and I for one, in the majority know who needs to follow this advice. Why doesn't this letter writer start by tuning into Rush Limbaugh every day, remember "the truth is out there."

The letter writer is obviously blinded by his liberal views and refuses to listen to true political facts.

Move over. Conservatism is on it's [sic] way back, and in a big way.

—K.H., Hunstville
Yes, they are SO smart.
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And honest.
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Or perhaps FOX news viewers are just lemmings.


Lost: Season 1

>> Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just finished it.

I actually started watching this back when it premiered in 2004. Watched the first three episodes. Then parts of some of the others. Then stopped watching. I just didn't feel like devoting myself to another tv series. I also had given up my cable a few months before and watching tv via antenna was a pain. The local Fox channel put out the best signal. (No, I don't watch 24 either.)

So this past week I decided to start watching it online (via Netflix) since I could watch episode after episode without having to go get another dvd. I suppose I could have watched them via Hulu too, but no commercials is always a plus. And it's nice knowing that I can watch everything leading up to the season 6 premiere and not have to suffer the agony of waiting in between seasons to find out what happens to whom.

Because this thing is one giant telly novel. I haven't watched anything but season 1 yet, but I've read bits and pieces about Lost for years now. And heard and read people complaining that they have to wait so long to find out what happened. I'm so taking the easy route. Granted, I kind of know when some characters die like Boone (that's a strange name), which kills part of the suspense but I don't really care.

I care that Claire doesn't lose her baby again. Walt gets back to Michael. Hurley surviving through it all. Finding out who The Others are and some character named "Juliet." And no more back stories on Jack. Really, that man's back story is boring. I'm always looking at the clock when the episode centers on him. I would much rather see episodes devoted to Sawyer.


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