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>> Friday, January 22, 2010

Joint Chiefs chairman John Shalikashvili confers with President Aristide on how to avert a bloodbath of revenge killing during and after the occupation. The National Security Council debates whether General Raoul Cedras should be hunted down as was done with Manuel Noriega in Panama, and less successfully with Mohamed Aidid in Somalia. The Voice of America gears up to replace Haitian Radio with its own broadcasts in Creole.

The working premise of the planners is that if American casualties are held to a minimum by a massive show of force, the president can carry this off without undue damage to his already weakened position at home. Few in the administration believe that a generally unpopular and uncomprehended invasion will improve his position. But barring a last-minute cave-in by the Haitian military junta, there appears to be no way back from invasion. Mr. Clinton must sometimes wonder where he got the idea he could put the world on hold and be a domestic president.
—Daniel Schorr, September 12, 1994, "Haiti Action Signed, Sealed, and Ready for Delivery," Come to Think of It: Notes on the Turn of the Millennium, p. 75


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