Lost: Season 2

>> Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finished this last night after a two-week break in the middle of the season. For awhile there, I was beginning to worry that I might not be able to finish all the episodes before the last season starts. But once I started back up, the episodes were over before I knew it.

I especially loved Desmond's introduction with the bicycle and music. I really hope he's not dead. I like him. I'm so glad they brought him back at the end of the season.

That creepy Michael Emerson character, whatever his name is, I can't stand. I assume he's going to be the villain in all of this. I don't know how else to describe him at this point. I remember that he won an Emmy this fall, so I guess that means he's still alive through season five. It dampens the suspense a little bit, but I'm still glad that I haven't gone through the agony of other people I know from waiting season to season to find out what happens.

Which means I know that Echo is going to die at some point, because he landed the cover of Entertainment Weekly when he did. I didn't mind Ana Lucia dying. But it seems like they originally intended to do a little bit more with Libby (at this point) before they killed her off (because Cynthia Watros had a drunk driving incident back when they were filming in Hawaii). I remember reading comments about that when the season originally aired.

But Michael has got to have some serious karma coming his way. Selling out your friends so that you can get your son back? That's a Faustian bargain if there ever was one. He should have just come clean to everyone to begin with. Too late now.


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