Lost: Season 4

>> Monday, January 11, 2010

I knew Locke had to be the one in that coffin. But when Ben came in the room, I briefly thought it might be Sayid. Silly me.

Amazing how they keep this thing going, those writers. Obviously the best move the show ever did was to cap the number of seasons. It's almost inching on soap opera status with a cliff hanger at the end of every episode. I'm just so relieved that I only have one more season to watch and catch up. It's almost borderline ridiculous how many interweaving stories there are.

I'm now of the assumption that Penny's father was the originator of The Dharma Project, due to his reference that the island was his before it was Ben's. Of course, I don't want Penny to die because she and Desmond should be together. Hey, does Desmond have to go back to the island with Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sun, Hurley and the baby? I'm not too clear on that part.

But the part I am clear on, is that Sawyer always gets the best lines.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: You ready to give us the name, Gizmo?
John Locke: He's not going to tell you who the spy is on their boat, James.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: Yeah, why not?
John Locke: Because that's the only thing keeping him alive.
James 'Sawyer' Ford: Well here's an idea: why don't we take a gun, point it to his big toe and send that little piggy to the market... And if he still doesn't want to tell us, move on to the roast beef. Why don't we do that?
John Locke: Because then we'd have to carry him.
Damn, I had totally forgotten about that nursery rhyme.


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