Lost: Season 5

>> Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am now caught up on all the episodes, so I can watch the final season premiere on Groundhog Day. (The same day Oscar nominations come out.) I can see why many people have stopped watching this through the years. The insanity never stops. I thought Battlestar Galactica could be backstory-heavy. Nope. Lost far, far, far outstrips that. I get the time travel thing. It makes it much easier to follow when you just accept it. But now that they've "reset" the "clock," it's like the first five seasons were just like Dallas's dream season back in the 80s. Or that's how I'm interpreting it at this point, with the caveat that the audience got to know the characters really well. The whole ploy of getting Oceanic 815 to crash was the anti-Jacob's way of finding a loophole to kill Jacob. Or is Jacob even dead now given the clock was reset? Ugh.

All I know at this point is I don't want Sayid to die, I want Sun & Jin to get back together, I don't want Hurley to die or suffer, and I would like Mr. Eko to come back. I'm sure that none of that is going to happen.


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