Sarah Palin's Possible Plastic Surgery Problem?

>> Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sheesh. That's practically a tongue twister.

Alaskan blogger Gryphen noted on Thursday:

I also did not pick up on another odd thing about Sarah's interview, until I received an e-mail from a plastic surgeon. Now watch this video again, with the sound off this time, and focus on Palin's mouth.

This e-mail essentially says they may have pulled too far on the left side of her face. If this is in fact true, it WILL slowly get worse. Much, much worse!

Now just for comparison watch an older Sarah Palin interview conducted by Greta Van Susteren. You can see two things here. First, how different Palin's mouth appeared back then, and also how MUCH it now resembles Greta's. (Leave the sound off for better concentration.)

Well? What do you think? Do you agree with the plastic surgeon?

Update: I just received another e-mail form the plastic surgeon. Here are the highlights.

It looks like "damage to the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve" is possible. "It's truly impossible to tell from a video but it looks like that is probably what happened. Usually nerve damage is temporary and will return to normal within 6 months to a year, although sometimes it can take 2 to 3 years for complete regeneration. Weakness or paralysis of certain muscles is possible if a nerve related to muscle movement is impaired. It can be treated with reconstructive surgery."
I watched the videos to compare. It's not an obvious change, but I do agree that the left side of Palin's mouth doesn't appear to be moving in a symmetrical fashion in the Hannity video unlike the Greta video.

This isn't the first time folks have speculated that Palin has had her face done. Theories emerged last fall when she appeared in Hong Kong after a long public absence.
But speculating that she's had surgery and noticing repercussions from surgery are a bit different. Damage to facial nerves? Gee, you can only begin to wonder if it's going to get worse as the Hannity video is probably about 6 months after her surgery and the possibility of full nerve recovery could be 2 to 3 years. That's a long time to be taped with a mouth veering to one side. How long will it be until other people begin to notice the difference?

Was Palin just too insecure to notice that Madonna, with all her money, is a walking advertisement against plastic surgery? Apparently so.


bariatric surgery baltimore 22 March, 2010 23:04  

This is a lame article. What does it matter if she’s has surgery or botox anyhow? Let’s start talking as a nation about her as a candidate, not a speculative discussion as to botox or not. Losing focus here folks with this article.

House of Brat 22 March, 2010 23:11  

She's not valid as a candidate. She's a dumb famewhore who gets paid to mouth off on Fox News everyday. Valid presidential candidates don't quit their jobs just because they can rake in more money as a celebrity and shop around a reality show about themselves and their family.

Jack 12 December, 2010 23:39  

I love Sarah Palin. She has that classic beauty and her face is such a doll. But with regards to her cosmetic problem maybe she needs competent cosmetic surgeons (San Francisco) advice to make her look prettier and feel safe through procedures.

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